How to Add Address Using the Plugin

How to Add Address Using the Plugin

This plugin work for the following modules

  • Leads

  • Contacts

  • Businesses

For this tutorial, we will be using the
‘Contacts’ module. 

Step 1 - 

Open a contact inside your CRM and click the top right button “Address” to add an address to that contact with the Google map extension.

Step 2 -

After clicking the button, a new window will appear. Enter the address or name of the organization.

Step 3 - 

Once you enter the address hints, you will get some suggestions. Select the one that is most relevant to you.   

Step 4 - 

As soon as you select the relevant address, all the fields such as Street No, City, State, Country, Zip Code, etc. will be automatically filled. Then, click the “ADD TO ADDRESS” button to proceed further.  

Great! Now you will see the address details in the contact. So, you don’t have to type in each address field manually. 


You also have the option to save the address as Mailing Address, Other Address, or save the address for Both

If you haven't set up yet, please find our install and setup guide here.

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