FAQ - Zoho Desk 2 Twilio

FAQ - Zoho Desk 2 Twilio

Q.1 What are the basic requirements for this extension?

To use our Zoho Desk 2 Twilio extension, you need to have an active Zoho Desk and Twilio account. 

Q.2 How much does the extension cost?

You will get the monthly subscription at $5 USD. We offers  10%  discount on yearly subscription and it comes  $54 USD only, for the whole year. 

Q.3 What are the basic features?

Some basic features of this extension are - 
  1. Send and receive SMS messages from Zoho Desk tickets to Clients mobile number directly.
  2. Personalise your SMS with field merging options in your SMS’s and Templates
  3. Send your SMS by using your own custom Templates
  4. View the complete SMS history of customers SMS in Zoho Desk tickets

Q.4  Can I try out before I pay?

Yes, you can test out Zoho Desk 2 Twilio with a FREE 15-day trial

Q.5 How do I install the plugin?

It is very simple, just follow our installation instructions and start Deal to Project conversion within a few minutes. For any further assistance email us at  help@saasplugin.com.au

Q.6 I've installed the plugin, does it still need any setup or specific settings?

Yes, there is a few simple settings. See our detail Setup instructions.

Q.7  I've installed the plugin but how do I use it ?

Please check our user guide here .

Q.8 What are process of getting help if I face any problem during use it?

For any further help or assistance you can reach us at help@saasplugin.com.au

Q.9 Is support cost us?

No, it is completely free of cost.

Q.10 May we have free support on trial period?

There is no cost needed for extension-related support at all. You can reach us whenever you need at help@saasplugin.com.au

Q.11 Do I need to worry about CRM version compatibility?

For this plugin the compatible CRM versions are
  1. Professional
  2. Enterprise
  3. CRM Plus
  4. Zoho One

Q.12 How do I buy my subscription plan?

You can buy the plugin from Marketplace. Please check this article .

Q.12 How do I cancel my subscription plan?

Cancellation process is very simple. Please check this article .

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