Zoho CRM 2 Saasu : Installation Guide

Zoho CRM 2 Saasu : Installation Guide


This guide is designed to give you a detailed and comprehensive rundown of the Zoho CRM 2 Saasu extension portal setup process.

If any questions or confusions arise throughout the course of this guide, please send an email to help@saasplugin.com.au with details regarding your issues and we will provide you with further assistance.

What happens to your CRM when the extension is effectively installed?

The installation of the “Zoho CRM 2 Saasu” extension will result in new fields being created in your CRM for each of the following modules : 

1. Accounts

2. Contacts

3. Vendors

4. Products

5. Invoices

6. Purchase orders [Note: CRM Purchase order will sync with Saasu Bill]

Disclaimer: Some fields may need manually set up during the installation, detail explanation is available on “CRM Customization” part of Set Up.

The rest process will be done automatically if the plugin is installed correctly.

An Overview of The Set-Up :

The set up of your plugin can be categorized into 2 stages : 

  1. CRM Customization (Module & Fields): Involves the manual addition of a few fields in the CRM.

  2. Extension Portal Settings : Involves correctly mapping and setting up the extension configurations to enable the sync between Saasu and the CRM.

An Overview of the Stages                       An Overview of the Stages

1. CRM Customization (Module & Fields)
You are required to create or customize a few new fields in the following modules :

Product Module
Invoices Module
Purchase Order Module

2. Extension portal Settings
Step 1: Web Service Settings
Fill up the relevant “Client ID and secret” sections for each app to the extension portal.

Step 2: Field Mapping
The default fields mapping process is done automatically by clicking the “Default Field mapping” button.

Step 3: Status Mapping
Map status for below modules
  1. Invoices
  2. Purchase Orders
Step 4: Tax Mapping
Map Tax as per organizational rules.

Step 5: Fetch CRM Records

Step 6: Fetch Saasu Records

Step 7: You can run the synchronisation after you have fetched all the records from Zoho CRM and Xero. Our extension provides both manual/instant and schedule/automatic sync.

Saasu2Zoho plugin login – https://saasu2zoho.saasplugin.com.au


Web Service Settings

Saasu Credentials

Saasu User Name : plugin@oscillosoft.com.au

Saasu User Password : Oscplugin!

Saasu File ID : Go to Organization from Saasu portal> Settings > File settings>  API settings (Tab)

Time Zone : UTC (always)

Overwrite Xero Invoice : NO (Always)

Notification Email:  Customer email, in which an email customer wants to get notifications.

But during the setup time please use your email, because if the setup/create any error/failed customer will get the failed emails and get a negative impression about the app/company.

Zoho CRM Credential

Zoho CRM Credentials

Client ID & Client Secret:

We have to create a new app for this new client. So have to log in into https://accounts.zoho.com/developerconsole 

App name: S2Z Application for <client company name>
Client Domain:  saasu2zoho.saasplugin.com.au

Client Type : Web Based

it will take you another page and you will get the Client id & Client Secret.

Set the below parameters as it is as below -

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