Twilio setup for Incoming SMS

Twilio setup for Incoming SMS

Twilio Settings

Account SID, Auth token,Twilio Number

Go to your Twilio Account. You will find Account SID, Auth token, Twilio Number on the home page. Copy each of them and paste them in the corresponding fields at Step 2.8

Creating Messaging Service SID

Go to - 

Messaging > Services 


Click on the “Create Messaging Service”



Step 1: Enter a name and click on the “Create Messaging Service”

Step 2: click on the
“Add Senders”

Select “Phone Number” and click on “Continue”

Select phone number and click on
“Add Phone Numbers”

Click on the

Click on “Step 3: Set up Integration”


Step 3: Select “Send a Webhook” and paste the URL copied from 2.8 and hit the “Save” button.

Step 4: Click on “Complete Messaging Service Setup” 

A Messaging Service SID is created


Copy this “Messaging Service SID”


Geo Permission setting

Go to - 

Messaging > Settings > Geo Permission


Select the countries to which you want to send SMS via Twilio. 

Verifying Caller Id

Under the “Develop” tab, go to -


#Phone Numbers > Manage > Verified Caller IDs


Click on “Add a New Caller ID”


Select Country, give the number you wanted to send SMS and click on “Verify Number”



A code will be sent to the number that you provided. Enter the verification code and click on “Submit”


The number will be added to the list


Well done! You have done the setup. Now you are ready to send SMS.


N.B: 1. No reply will be received without the Incoming Webhook URL setting

         2. No SMS will be sent without Geo permission setting

         3. No SMS will be sent without verifying caller id

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