Tax setup for Xero2CRM plugin

Tax setup for Xero2CRM plugin

Tax is a vital part of a business. The Xero2CRM plugin, syncing products, invoices, and Purchase orders/bills between two portals (Zoho CRM and Xero). To manage your tax constantly in the whole process, required a few settings in both portal and the plugin as well.

Tax Settings in Zoho CRM

CRM Field Settings

Open Product Module in edit mode. Go to the Tax field in the Create Section> Customize Tax Rates as per your organization rules > Save the information

CRM Product Settings

Before performing a sync action, every product holds two important fields for tax. Leaving those fields blank will cause an error and prevent the data syncing process.

Before adding any Product to the Invoices, it is strongly advised to check the “Taxable” and “Tax” fields; they shouldn't be left blank. Please check the image below:

Tax Settings in Plugin portal

This is one of the vital options for your Xero and Zoho Tax System to sync the tax data properly. Please select the Same Tax Type (either Total base or Item Base) here, which one you want to use in your Invoice.

ZohoCRM 2 Xero Portal : Settings > WebService Settings 

Tax mapping - By your choice

Tax mapping is the vital process for the Tax amount to be synced without any error. The mapping is done by the Xero2Zoho plugin portal. Before starting the mapping process, there have a few additional steps that need to be performed on the CRM side.

Login to the Xero2Zoho plugin portal; Go to Settings > Tax Mapping (step 1) > click “Fetch Xero Taxes” button (step 2) to fetch Xero record > then click “Fetch CRM Taxes” button (step 3) to fetch CRM record > after that click “Map with CRM Taxes” button to start mapping process.
See the image below

After that map your Xero Tax record with the Drop-Down option (step 1) and click “Save Taxes Mapping” button (step 2) to finish the mapping process
See the image below

Tax Settings in Xero portal

Whenever you create an invoice it is mandatory to select your desire tax on the "Tax Rate" field. You cannot left it blank.

See the image below

One more important fact you should remember before syncing any Xero invoice to Zoho CRM, always use the “Tax Exclusive” option on the above right corner of a Xero invoice.
See the image below

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