Overview - Canvas LMS for Zoho CRM

Overview - Canvas LMS for Zoho CRM

There are plenty of users of Zoho CRM. And the number of users is growing every day. Zoho CRM provides tons of features to its users. To some extent, the features may not seem enough. For instance, it would be great if Zoho CRM could connect a Learning Management System (LMS) like Canvas. Sadly, there is no default option for this.

That is why you need the Canvas LMS for Zoho CRM extension. The extension is developed by SaasPlugin, allowing users to sync various modules to Canvas. With the help of this extension, you will be able to integrate records from standard modules such as Contacts (User) to your Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).
There are 2 types of synchronization options for modules like Contacts, Deals, Products, Grades, Sync Logs, Associate Staffs, and Student Enrollments. These synchronization options are -
  1. Instant Sync 
  2. Scheduled Sync (Automatic)
To top it off, the extension can sync the Contacts module according to the roles in Canvas (i.e. Teacher, Student, Staff). 

For your satisfaction, we offer a 14-days FREE trial period to check out this awesome extension. By evaluating the features of the Zoho CRM 2 Canvas extension you will be able to make a firm decision as to whether it is really suitable for you.  

Key Features -

  1. Generates a both-way sync for Contacts (User) and Sync Logs module.
  2. An instant sync option for Contacts, Deals, Products, Grades, Sync Logs, Associate Staffs, and Student Enrollments.
  3. Scheduled sync option (automatic) to keep records up-to-date.
  4. Sync Contacts (Teachers, Students, Staff) based on their roles in Canvas. 

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