Overview and Demo

Overview and Demo

This article will show you an overview of the whole plugin features, facilities, and benefits -

You have Zoho CRM for your sales and marketing, and you use Xero for your accounting. So how do you keep both applications synced without doing it manually or creating double entries? You use our custom Zoho2Xero integration, of course. Our plugin will synchronize data between both applications seamlessly, with smart validation rules to prevent duplicates. Now you can focus more on your business than on your data administration.

Key Features

  • Sync accounts and contacts
  • Sync purchase orders
  • Sync products and invoices
  • Sync payment/reconciliation status

You can see a  complete introduction of this plugin in this video -

Introduction video


It cost $50USD/month/Organisation,

We provide 15% discount on yearly subscriptions , it comes with  $510  only for the whole year!  You can test out the plugin with a FREE 10-day trial!

You can check Zoho CRM 2 Xero integration FAQs  here -

Installation and Setup instruction


If you're interested, you can browse all our available  Zoho CRM 2 Xero  guides and resources here at:

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