Lead 2 Vendor (Advanced) - Overview

Lead 2 Vendor (Advanced) - Overview



Lead to Vendor (Advanced) is an extension developed by Oscillosoft that allows Zoho CRM user to create a vendor & contact for a lead by a single click from a particular lead details page.

Key Features:

     Converts a single lead into its corresponding Contacts and Vendors module.

     After converting a particular lead, that lead will automatically delete from Leads list.

     Activities/Notes/Attachments will move to either Contacts or Vendors module from a lead based on user selection.

     Facilitates Contact and Vendor module to be mapped from Lead module on the foundation of data-types of Lead's module fields. Besides, a single field of lead's module can only be mapped with single Contact/Vendor fields in the condition of same data-type.

     Feasible mapping for a lead to a new or existing contact/vendor.

     Reserves the possible mapping data of Leads module with respect to Vendors/Contacts module for an organisation.

How It Works:

     Once this Extension has been installed in CRM you will be able to convert a lead to similar entry in the Contacts module and Vendors module.

     A button ”Convert to Vendor” is available on the top right corner in a drop down menu of any leads profile.

     After clicking in the ”Convert to Vendor” button, a window will pop up where Conversion tab will be selected automatically. In the first portion of that window, you need to select where to map the lead. In this circumstance, you may face four types of possibilities:

o      If the lead fails to match with existing Vendor, you will get the company name of that lead beside the Vendor label and if the lead has no similar email records in the existing Contacts, you will get an email address with the name of the lead.

o      In the second scenario, you may get no matching Vendors whereas Contacts may have matched with an existing Contacts.

o      In this case, you can get matching Vendors, on the contrary Contacts may fail to find its similar relation.

o      In the final scenario, Vendors & Contacts module may both succeed to find similar records.

     If you select to map with existing Vendors, this lead will be mapped with existing Vendors, on the other hand if you want to create a new Vendors, this lead will be converted as a new vendor with the lead’s information. Also, you will get the same functionality for Contacts just like Vendors mapping. However, you won’t get the chance to convert the lead without selecting any of Vendors/Contacts.

     Activities/Notes and Attachments will be mapped according to the selection of modules with either Vendors module or Contacts module. But if you do not change anything in this portion of popup window, activities/notes and attachments will move to Vendors module. 

     On the Second tab, Field Mapping, you can map the Leads module fields with Contacts or Vendors Module. Vendors or Contacts module cannot have same Leads module fields mapping in multiple fields of Vendors/Contacts. Field mapping will save under the organisation that means, if you have installed this widget and save the field mapping for your organisation for the very first time, you will reclaim the same field mapping whenever you get back to this widget again. 

     By clicking Convert button, the lead will successfully convert to Contacts & Vendors module with fruitful  logic for conversion. Finally upon clicking the ‘Done’ button, the web page will redirect you to the newly created vendor.

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