How to Install 'Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk'

How to Install 'Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk'

Inside Zoho Desk portal, click the Settings icon at the top right corner.


Then, go to - 

Marketplace > All


Under "All Extensions". type in “ Burst SMS Extension for Zoho Desk ” in the search box

 You can go with the free trial or buy the plugin directly, Click the button according to your choice  

Note: we offer 15 days of trial period.

Agree with Terms of Services & Privacy Policy of Vendor and Zoho Marketplace

Click on the link  to install the extension

Now go to  General Settings

  1. Departments  – Select all departments to use the extension in all departments.
  2. Profiles  - Select all profiles to use the extension in all departments.

Agree to Terms of Use and  Click Install 


Authorize your account for Zoho OAuth service to activate this extension

Authorize your account for Zoho Desk 2 BurstSMS Service Connection service to activate this extension.

Obtain Burst SMS API Key and Burst SMS API Secret 

To obtain your Burst SMS API Key and Burst SMS API Secret, log into your Burst SMS account by visiting the website.


Once you are logged in, go to Settings from the top menu bar. 

Scroll down until you come to the “API Settings” section. In this section you will find your API Key and API Secret.

Enter User Name/Password and Save the details. 

UserName  - Burst SMS API Key

Password  - Burst SMS API Secret


Set Input Number

The very last step of the installation is to provide your Input Number. At the initial stage, the Default Number will be selected under the ‘PREFERENCE’ tab.


In that case, users can send messages through the Burst SMS for Zoho Desk extension. Unfortunately, they can not reply back since there is no number given. 

The recipient will get the message from an undefined number without any reply option. The message may look something like this -


Therefore, you need to select “Input your number” under the ‘PREFERENCE’ tab and enter the preferred mobile number. 

Once you make sure everything is alright, hit the ‘Save’ button so that the recipient can reply back to your messages.

Yahoo! You have done the setup. Now you are ready to send SMS.

You can find the Burst SMS extension using process here.