FAQ - Zoho CRM 2 Canvas

FAQ - Zoho CRM 2 Canvas

Here is a handy FAQ that we've created to handle some common queries and issues. Hopefully, you will discover the answer to your questions here.

Q1. What are the basic requirements for this extension?

In order to use the Zoho CRM 2 Canvas extension, you will need - 
  1. An active Zoho account
  2. An active Canvas account 

Q2. What is the price of the Zoho CRM 2 Canvas extension?

You can enhance your learning skills and productivity by getting the Zoho CRM 2 Canvas extension for only $ USD/month/organization. If you get a yearly subscription, you can enjoy a 10% discount. 

Q3. Can I try Zoho CRM 2 Canvas before I pay? 

Of course, you can since we offer a 10-day FREE trial for our customers to evaluate the features of this amazing plugin. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and claim your trial. 

Q4. What are the features of Zoho CRM 2 Canvas?

Here are the basic features of Zoho CRM 2 Canvas

  1. Generates a both-way sync for Contacts (User) and Sync Logs module.
  2. Manual sync for Contacts, Deals, Products, Grades, Sync Logs, Associate Staffs, and Student Enrollments.
  3. Auto scheduled sync option to keep records stored.
  4. Sync Contacts (Teachers, Students, Staff) based on their roles in Canvas.

Q5. What is the purpose of this extension?

The Zoho CRM 2 Canvas syncs records between Zoho CRM and Canvas LMS. The sync process work on the basic modules as well as some custom modules. The auto-sync option will be enabled, which will sync records every 4 hours. And you can also run manual sync any time. 

Q6. How does the sync process work for the Modules?

The Zoho CRM 2 Canvas syncs records in the following way -

Sync Way 

CRM Module


Both ways



Canvas 2 CRM





Student Enrollment


Associated Staffs


Q7. How do I install this extension?

Please follow our detailed installation guide here. For any further assistance email us at help@saasplugin.com.au.

Q8. I've installed the plugin, does it still need any specific configuration?

Yes! this plugin requires an additional configuration to establish the connection between Zoho CRM and Canvas LMS. See our detailed setup guide here.

Q9. I've installed the plugin, but how do I use it?

If you want to sync records properly between your Zoho CRM and Canvas LMS, you can read the detailed user guide here.

Q10. How should I get assistance if I face any problems while using this plugin?

For any further help or assistance, you can reach us at help@saasplugin.com.au.

Q11. Do I need to pay to get support?

No, if you have purchased any of our subscription plans for this extension, you will get first-class support 24/7 for free. 

Q12. Will I get free support during the trial period?

There is no cost needed for extension-related support at all. You can reach us whenever you need us at  help@saasplugin.com.au.

Q13. Do I need to worry about CRM version compatibility for this plugin?

The plugin is compatible with the following CRM versions -

  1. Standard
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise
  4. CRM Plus
  5. Zoho One
  6. ‚ÄčUltimate

Q14. Why isn't Zoho CRM connecting to the Canvas LMS?

This can be the result of an incorrect API URL or API Key that was copied into the settings during the setup process. Make sure there are no spaces in the API URL and the API Key fields while copying and pasting them into the extension settings.

Q15. How do I buy this plugin?

You can buy the plugin directly from the Marketplace. You can find more details here

Q16. How do I cancel my subscription plan?

The cancellation process is very simple. Please check this article.

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