Configuration to Sync

Configuration to Sync

Before you start the sync process, you should know the Zoho CRM 2 Canvas syncs records in the following way -

Sync Way 

CRM Module


Both ways



Canvas 2 CRM

Courses Module

Courses (including module)

Canvas Grades

Canvas Grades

Student Enrollment


Associated Staffs


To start syncing your data between the Canvas LMS and Zoho CRM, open your Canvas portal. 

Then, navigate to -

Admin >> My Site


Create a new Course by clicking the ‘+Course’ icon at the top right corner 

Provide necessary information to create a new Course, such as -

  • Course Name (mandatory)

  • Reference Code (mandatory)

  • Subaccount (optional)

  • Enrollment Term (optional)

Once you provide everything, hit the “Add Course” button.


You will get a successful message like this -

To enable Grading for the course, you need to open it. Then, go to the ‘Settings’ of that particular course. You will be landed on the “Course Details” tab by default. 

Scroll down until you see the “Grading Scheme” option. After that, you need to enable the course grading scheme.

Don’t forget to click the “Update Course Details” button to save the changes.

Then create some Users by going to the ‘People’ section (These users will be synced to the course that we have created)  

Once you are under the ‘People’ section, click the ‘+People’ icon to add new users.

Provide necessary information to create a new user, such as -

  • Full Name (mandatory)

  • Display Name (optional) [It will be generated according to the Full Name] 

  • Sortable Name (optional) [It will be generated according to the Full Name]

  • Email (mandatory)

  • SIS ID (optional) [It is the Unique ID of the user]

Also make sure the “Email the user about this account creation” box is checked.

Once you provide everything, hit the “Add User” button.

After successful creation, you will get a message like this -


Please Note -

An email will be sent to the user’s address to notify him

Once the user is created, you need to add it to the course. For that, open the course and select ‘People’. Then, click the ‘+People’ icon to add a user to the course.

Select “Login ID” under the “Add user(s) by” option. Inside the “Login IDs (required)” field, enter the user’s email address. 

You can set the Role and Section of the user. (By default, the Role will be selected as ‘Student’ and the Section will be blank if there is none). Once you make sure everything is okay, hit the ‘Next’ button. 

A success message upon adding the user will be shown.

You can add multiple users to a course. After you have added users to this course, you need to publish it. 

Go to the ‘Home’ section under the Course, then click the ‘Publish’ button.

Select “Course Activity Stream” if you don’t want to add any Module to the course. Once you make sure everything, hit the “Choose and Publish” button. 

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